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Thank you for your interest in our brand.

Extreme Hobby TM has been producing sportswear and casual wear since 2011, and in addition to its own collections, we offer the development and tailoring of sportswear and casual wear for men, women and children according to your order.

What NOT and what WILL be when ordering a club collection:  

  - You do not need to order thousands of items, we will gladly develop and produce for your club a small batch (from 20 pieces);

 - You do NOT need to look for artists and designers in order to make a layout. The development team is engaged in a team of experienced designers who in practice have proved the ability to embody the boldest, most unusual and complex wishes of the client in life. With examples of already developed club collections you can see here, as well as in the Demo directory.

 - You do not need to worry about quality. The production is located in Poland, which allows controlling the process from A to Z and guaranteeing the quality of the products.

- You do not need to worry about the comfort and safety of materials.

For tailoring, European materials of the highest quality are used, which do not contain unsafe paints. All our products have been certified and safe for health.

- You do not need to take the lot from the factory, or you are worried about customs clearance. We will deliver the order to anywhere in Russia.

How the process looks like:

 -You fill out form, with indication of the goods that you want to order and your wishes, send it to us at the email address,leave the coordinates for feedback.

 - Our employee contacts with you to clarify the details, calculate and agree the cost of the order, after which the order is sent to the development.

 - Design options must be agreed with the customer in detail before the collection is repainted. And this means that you are guaranteed to receive exactly what you expected.

 - The finished collection is sent to the address you specify, anywhere in Russia.

Clothing brand Extreme Hobby TM has already been appreciated by the main sports federations and clubs from Russia, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, England, Ukraine and other countries. The number of our clients is constantly growing, and we will be glad to see you and your club among friends of our brand.


   Contact us ! 


phone: +7 (977) 498 1927 (пн-вс, с 10:00 до 21:00)

or fill in bid and send it to the email listed above. 

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